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Midnight Club Los Angeles

Combine real cars with insane smooth gameplay, awesome graphics and a full multiplayer experience, then you get Midnight Club Los Angeles. There are a lot of games out there where you can drive on a track, but hey you can do that in real life..
So get in the car, put your seat belt on and start racing in Los Angeles, cross the speed limit, get cops on your tail, a  great experience you won’t forget. This is Midnight Club Los Angeles!

We got a lot of great content for you to check out, if you want to know more about the game or not sure if you want to buy it, check it out below!


Midnight Club Los Angeles is a stunning experience, the gameplay is a adrenaline rush like no other , combining the gameplay with the great graphics produced by  R.A.G.E and you won’t forget the game any time soon.
You can check out screenshots/videos/wallpapers and more out on our media page.

Check out the awesome download able content that is available for Midnight Club Los Angeles.

South Central update will expand Los Angeles with the south central area, new cars, missions, red light races and more, check out the South Central page to learn more about this extra content.

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You can add more cars to your car-park with 2 car packs, check them out on the car pack Page.

Can’t get that damn Audi R8? Follow our guide to make it a little easier!

Midnight Club Los Angeles has 4 Vehicle groups, 1 being the start group and 4 being the group with the best cars/motorcycles.
You can check out every vehicle group by clicking the image below, we have captured every vehicle in the game, a tuned version and a non-tuned version. Check it out!