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Audi R8

The Audi R8 in MidnightClub LA



Who doesn’t want to race around Los Angeles with this awesome Audi R8?

To make this long-process a little shorter we have set up a little guide on getting these goals a little bit earlier so you can get that car a lot faster!

Getting Started.

  • First, register on Social Club right here and link your Xbox360/ Playstation 3 account.
  • Head over to “Games” and select Midnight Club Los Angeles and click on “Driving-Test” to get started on that Audi R8.

  • What you have in front of you are goals that you have to complete.
  1. Cash :  +1000000
  2. Drive: 5000Miles
  3. 25 Consecutive Wins
  4. 2 Wheel distance: 10 Miles
  5. Wheelie Distance: 15 Miles
  6. Time Cruising: 25 Hours
  7. Total Special: 5000 Uses
  8. Jump Distance: 200Miles
  9. Career Wins: 350
  10. Cars Destroyed: 250 Wrecked
  11. Opponents Hit: 1000
  12. Objects Hit: 10000

So that’s a lot right? Yes that’s what we thought so.

You can get 3 types of licenses, A-License, B and C, if you complete 4 tasks out of the 12 above you will get a C-License, if you complete 8 tasks you will get a B-License, and all goals obviously is the A-license + the Audi R8.

Tips / Tricks

Let’s move on to the tips on how to complete these goals faster then just playing the game without going directly for the Audi R8, this will take some will-power.

To reach the 1 Million mark you have to do A LOT of races, if you want to speed up this process you can enter a lot of wager races or freeway races, if you play trough the story in MidnightClub Los Angeles, eventually you have to get 1 Million to close the deal with Nikolai. ( Story related)
Wagers are a risky thing, if you are not a pro at driving in MCLA then it’s smart to start low with the cash, once it’s gone you can’t get it back, so always play safe, you don’t want to end up with 10 Dollar.

Drive 5000 Miles
This one is always time consuming , it doesn’t matter how you do it, you have to drive this 5000Miles ( I’m not going in on controller hacking) , the fastest way to do this is start a online cruise get a fast car and just go nuts on the freeway, if a friend of you needs this one to, you can do it together to make it less boring.

25 Consecutive Wins;
This one is easy to boost, if you have enough time on your hands, just start races you like and set the difficulty on easy, that way you ( hopefully) won’t lost and get these wins.

2 Wheel Distance 10 Miles;
This depends on your  2 wheel driving skills, to do this more quickly, just start a cruise the same way you did to get that 5000Mile driving goal, and try to drive on 2 wheels as long as possible ( It’s the B button on the Xbox360 and the Circle on the Playstation 3 ( Default Controls)

15 Miles Wheelie;

Start a online cruise with no traffic and try to wheelie as long as you can on a motorcycle until you hit the 15 Miles mark, with some practice ( And time! )  you can get this easily.

Cruise 25 Hours;
You will get this while playing the career to the max (100%) , another way that is not that hardcore, park your car somewhere and leave your console on, it will register as “Cruising”

Special Uses 5000;
Go to the beach and drive into the water using Nitrous, this way you will get the 5000 uses ( if you have a lot of time on your hands, ) and your car will break down , that means it will also add up to the “Cars Destroyed Goals”.  The other way to get it, is just racing and using nitrous and specials a lot. (Rage, Agro,Zone,Etc)

Jump distance 200Miles;
Go to the train station or the canals where you can jump really high and make sure to use a fast car, repeat this process.

350 Career Wins;
No explanation needed, just play the career and keep winning in-game races that you find around Los Angeles, Arcade races do add up to the 350!

250 Cars Destroyed;
If you really want to be lazy , go to the beach and drive your car into the water over and over again, you will get a quick fix option everytime which means you can keep doing this untill the end of time.

1000 Opponents Hit;
This one is rather easy, when you equipped your car with Agro, keep hitting the other drivers in races a lot.

Hit 100000 Objects;

In every race, try to hit objects as much as you can, fences , benches ,etc, when racing just keep this one in mind, after a while you won’t even notice that you have more then 10000+ object hits.

If you use this guide, and have patience, eventually you will get this sexy car, can’t succeed? Shoot us a e-mail right here!

Audi R8

The Audi R8 in MidnightClub  Los Angeles

The Audi R8 in MidnightClub  Los Angeles

The Audi R8 in MidnightClub  Los Angeles