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Bigfoot in Undead Nightmare?

Rockstar recently posted a picture of a creature that looks like Bigfoot on their newswire.

Some people suggest that they have seen Bigfoot in GTA San Andreas, however most people are agreed that it’s nothing more than a false rumour. This time there seems to be proof that Bigfoot will actually appear. Not in GTA though, but in Undead Nightmare, the second DLC pack for Red Dead Redemption.

More info about the Bigfoot rumour

IGN’s GTA V Wish List

We know it’s happening. Here’s what we want from it

Yesterday posted a very interesting list on what features they want the next installtment of Grand Theft Auto to include. You can read it by clicking here.

Rockstar Announces Grand Theft Auto on Mac

They also promise some new info concerning LA Noire, and perhaps even a screenshot!

Rockstar Games has revealed that the classic GTA trilogy (Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) will be released on Mac “most likely later this year.” Rockstar has promised more information and a proper announcement soon.

In other news, Rockstar has said they’ll be releasing info on the long-awaited L.A. Noire very soon. “The game is truly groundbreaking and we will have more information very soon. We may even try to steal a screenshot and sneak it out here [on the R* News Wire] or on Twitter…”

Source: Rockstar’s Newswire, via

LA Noire delayed to 2011

No surprise really, but yesterday Rockstar Games finally confirmed that LA Noire has been delayed to 2011. The game was announced back in 2005 and during these five years we have seen very little information. Some people have even claimed that they have lost interest in the LA Noire and won’t buy it when it hit the stores.


Rockstar Games‘ long-awaited 1940s detective title L.A. Noire will not be coming this year as previously expected.

Take-Two announced during its third quarter earnings results the game has been delayed until the first half 2011. Last we heard was the game was supposed to ship this coming fall, but Rockstar has been silent on a release date, making today’s delay news not at all surprising.

Once a PlayStation 3 exclusive, Australia-based developer Team Bondi has had trouble getting the game off the ground since its big reveal in 2005.

Max Payne 3 to be released this January?

According to online retailer site, Max Payne 3 will be released on January 31, 2011. Earlier R* announced  that Max Payne had been pushed back to 2011, but they didn’t confirm an exact date. If the date is correct remains to be seen, but we can always hope.

Max Payne 3