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Yes of course!
Was the first thing going through  my mind when I received an E-mail from Rockstar Games asking me if I wanted to come over to NYC to play Max Payne 3 with all the other fansite webmasters.


New York New York!

For the sake of every information-hungry reader I won’t go into too  much detail about the trip itself and focus more on Max Payne 3.
Everything was planned out excellent by Rockstar Games, we all stayed in the Soho Grand Hotel and went out chilling at the Brooklyn Bowl. ( Great Place!)


Let's go bowling!


So after some great bowling on the arrival date it was time to head back to the hotel because next day we would be playing Max Payne 3!
The drive back to the hotel went at the insane break-neck speed of 2 miles an hour so we had the chance to check out New York in every detail imaginable.


Central Park


The big day! I got up really early and went downstairs to get some breakfast ( Thanks Rockstar!).
Explored Central Park a bit and went back to the hotel before Rockstar Games would pick us up in these big black Escalades.

We arrived at a really cool black brick building with just 1 door. With of course: the Rockstar Games Logo on it!


THE door.

Inside they transformed the room into a really cool ‘gaming lounge’ with about 20 Xbox 360′s and 4 P.C’s that were all running Max Payne 3.

After getting a look at the Max Payne 3 T.V Commercial ( Haven’t seen it? Check it!) we were all fired up to play Max Payne 3.
Like the real P.C Gamer that I am I quickly got a seat behind one of the huge 27Inch+ screens with my hands on the keyboard and mouse, it was time to play..


Playing Singleplayer all the way to the left.


Max Payne 3. [Singleplayer].

Note: I didn’t play Multiplayer enough to write something worth reading about. You can check out more Max Payne 3 Multiplayer here, here and here. 


It all started out in this nightclub when Max was on a mission to escort some rich dude (at least to him) and his girlfriend(s). With a lot of cynical talk by Max himself (Gotta love the guy) the party turned into a shit-hole and it was time for Max to save the day.
The first time I had the control over Max felt really good, you actually have the feeling that you are controlling a person instead of some bits and bytes on the screen.
After blasting my way trough the club and using more bullet time than I could afford I was suddenly in a helicopter with a laser-outer fitted sniper-rifle shooting bad guys at a break-neck speeds. This is one of those rare moments in games were I was actually feeling pretty nervous about getting the job done.

Damn! I shot a water pipe by accident but wait.. water was pouring out of the pipe. A Rockstar Representative saw me shooting the water pipe and said: ‘Shoot the environment!’ so I did and 5 minutes later I was pumping bullets in everything I could.
The detail is amazing! That’s one thing I couldn’t let go.
From the faces to the buildings to the depressing coffee-cups on Max’s depressed table it all felt so real.

New York City.


It's a calm neighborhood.

Time to blast my way through Max’s apartment complex. The detail -again- was amazing.
The moment I went up on the roof the game started to breath that typical Max Payne vibe. Dark, gritty, beautiful.

Doing some insane bullet-time jumps,flips, and hoops while pumping bullets in thugs was an amazing experience. Like I was starring in my own movie, but done right. 

The Bullet R*.

After all that insane-action I had to wind down a little bit and get something to drink.  (Thanks To Rockstar!) I’m allergic to alcohol so I was drinking Coke all night but that didn’t make it less fun! Bullet casing covered the bar and AJ collins ( and  I decided to create the Rockstar Games logo out of them. It took us about 40 minutes to complete it. ( The star [*] was the hardest part) but it payed of! Check it below.

Rockstar Games Bullet Cap Logo

The R* Bullet Logo.


I can’t thank Rockstar Games enough for this amazing trip and ability to play Max Payne 3 with all the other fansite webmasters!
It was great to visit New York City again after 2 years and being able to stay in this amazing hotel with all these  interesting fansite webmasters. Also thanks to you guys!

Hopefully we’ll see each other next event!



Below is a list of all the websites that attended the event.
GTA Wikia


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  1. Great write-up Thomas.

    Absolutely cannot wait for the game anymore. Thankfully it’s only a couple of weeks before we can all get our hands on it now. :)

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