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Pre GTA V: L.A Time Lapse

Pre GTA V: L.A Time Lapse

Want to get in the mood for Grand Theft Auto V?

Watch this amazing Pre GTA V: L.A Time Lapse video showcasing the beauty of Los Angeles.

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  1. really nice video you got there, cant wait for gta 5 to be released.

  2. i apologyze to whom thought i meant that video was the game.

  3. Is it the game? No it cant t be.

    • Hi Padzsi,

      No this is not Grand Theft Auto V. It’s Los Angeles captured by using a ‘Time Lapse’.
      We posted it because it resembles the vibe that’s probably going to be in Grand Theft Auto 5. :)

  4. the graphics are unreal some parts of da video is almost like isnt a game. i have to say great job to rockstar and nightfall for a great video and for a great game is going to be. obviously everyone is anxious for the game to come out and so im not gona ask for another video or wen its gona be out in stores, ill jss wait around for it. it makes more interesting that way. i believe this video makes waiting worth while. thank you, have a good day!

  5. William Kirk /

    ONE WORD…amazing.

    Can you tell me when the next trailer of GTA is due,youve got me soo hyped to the point i cant wait anymore, im sure hundreds of millions will agree with me on that one.
    I know the “less is more” marketing method is extremely effective but just give us a little taste of what GTA V is really like, thank you Rockstar.

  6. adriano de paula matos /

    boa noite este video e realmente inpresionante muito loko..estou bem ancioso para que saia logo este jogo…..


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