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GTAGaming Interview: The Ballad Of Gay Tony

One of our staff members, Patrucci, got a chance to interview Tom (Slim Trashman) and Casey (Zidane) at about the up-comming DLC for GTA:IV; The Ballad of Gay Tony. You can read it below!

Now, with the fall slated release for GTAIV’s new downloadable content entitled, “The Ballad of Gay Tony”, what are your hopes for it?:

Zidane: I’m hoping the next episode of GTAIV brings players something as hard-hitting and impressive as The Lost and Damned, though I’m sure Rockstar will deliver something even more unique the second time around.

Slim: I can only hope that The Ballad of Gay Tony provides players with another incredible storyline to follow as we’ve experienced with both Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned.

The thing I’m very excited to see is exactly how Luis’ story ties in with Niko’s and Johnny’s. The Lost and Damned proved that there is so much more going on than we could initially grasp from just GTA IV alone and a lot of unexpected revelations were made that would make me say “Woah! I never even thought about that…”

There’s not a doubt in my mind that this episode will be just as incredible as its predecessor, if not more.

Myself, I have yet to play “The Lost and Damned” considering I do not own an Xbox 360, and I’m assuming you two both have one? If so, tell me your thoughts about The Lost and The Damned.

Zidane: The bits of TLaD I was able to play before my Xbox 360 malfunctioned really impressed me. The first time I seen the game in action with the other webmasters and the Rockstar/Xbox crew in New York City, I was pretty much in awe. The new music, the new feel of the game, and the first few missions was a serious turn in the series, and a welcome new experience.

Slim: Well first off, I definitely would recommend picking one up or borrowing one from someone, because The Lost and Damned is too good to pass up on (especially if you plan on playing TBOGT).

The Lost and Damned was an astounding experience that packed in an unprecedented amount of content for download-able content. The new weapons, music, vehicles, multiplayer modes, etc., all great additions to GTA IV. Many even argued the Johnny’s story was more enjoyable than Niko’s. Personally I can’t take sides, because they’re both phenomenal. Anyone who loved GTA IV would love The Lost and Damned.

I really didn’t want to get into controversy over this, but what type of impact do you think that the title will have over homosexual groups and beliefs?

Zidane: Being gay myself, I don’t have a problem with the title name, or the direction the new DLC is heading. I really doubt there will be a lot of people complaining, but, it’s GTA. You never know.

Slim: Heh, well the thing is that it’s just a name and since we won’t actually be playing as homosexual character, I couldn’t really imagine it would significantly impact homosexuals. Although, the title will certainly have an impact on other groups including but not limited to presumptuous: homophobes, soccer moms, and politicians. However, I do commend Rockstar for probably being the first to use the term “gay” in a game title.

About how many hours did you put into playing TLaD?

I’d say around 10, before my Xbox 360 put the final crack in my disc.

And about how much hours will you expect to put in towards The Ballad?

Unfortunately none, unless the DLC makes its way over to the PlayStation 3 in the future.

Additional content wise, what would you like to see in TBoGT?

Slim: Not sure what specifically I’d like to see, perhaps a taser like that weapon in GTA2. Luis is a bodyguard after all. I certainly would like to see some new unique multiplayer modes as well, like TLAD had.

Considering you take the role of Luis, what additional content would you expect?

Slim: Well we can expect to see new vehicles, music, and weapons for sure. New interiors definitely, some of the clubs Luis is employed as a bodyguard at for example. The game will certainly have a new feel to it, much like TLAD did with the biker and gang theme. TBOGT is said to be influenced around the nightlife of Liberty City.

Not to mention another species of bird will certainly make about 50 appearances, hehe.

The last question, after the previous months of people searching and digging through the details, most of us expected the protagonist to be Luis, were you?

Zidane: I thought he would be, just like many others thought the same. It turns out we were right!

Slim: Well when the speculation was initially introduced just before TLAD was released, I remember saying “Wow that is brilliant thinking.” After playing The Lost and Damned there wasn’t a doubt in my mind in would be Luis, given the multiple occasions in which he made an appearance including the very hinting scene displaying all three protagonists during at the “Libertonian” in the credits.


  1. Yeah you guys are right – but it was just make it clear.

    There’s absolutely no rumors talking about the exclusive would be time limited. But we’ll see – I don’t think it is.

  2. btw it could still go to ps3 cause its said that the 50mil pound deal was only a six month contract.

  3. He did say UNLESS and I am sure that by that he ment he is hopefull but not confident it will be ported to the PS3.

  4. I almost coughed uo my coca cola when reading the line ” unless the DLC makes its way over to the PlayStation 3 in the future.” – and I almost startet a real long comment, but then realized that this interview isn’t with developers of the game, but with developers from another fansite.

    well, first of all, GTAgaming should by now, really know, that TLAD and TBOGT never EVER will be available to other than the xbox360 console – after all, microsoft paid rockstar 50 million dollars for these two expansions.

    • i know you put this in 09′ but still your a dumb ass. “TLAD and TBOGT never EVER will be available to other than the xbox360 console” PS3 has it.

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